CMS Professional

CMS Professional 2017 is released:

This update contains:

  • IN Add IN Alias Lookup to IN Stock Maintenance Window
  • CMSPRO_PRTU: Idaho releases 2016 withholding tables
  • D_PRO Tax Update does not update deductions when Update Deduction Info only is checked

CMS Professional 2016 Service Pack 1 is released:

 This release contains:

  • the 2016 Payroll Tax Update Utility
  • the latest 2016 Payroll Tax Tables
  • the updated Accounts Payable 1099 and 1096 forms for tax reporting year 2015
  • required changes to AP and PR electronic file formats for tax reporting year 2015
  • required changes for the new FATCA guidelines, including a check box on the 1099 tab in the AP Vendors window
  • various defect corrections

CMS Professional 2016 is released:

This release contains:

  • Password and encryption enhancements
  • Various defect corrections

CMS Professional 2015 Service Pack 1 is released:

The service pack contains:

  • The latest 2015 Payroll Tax Tables
  • Updated Accounts Payable 1099 and 1096 forms for tax reporting year 2014
  • Required changes to AP and PR electronic file formats for tax reporting year 2014

CMS Professional 2015 is released:

Version 19 contains:

  • PRO_Add Additional Bank Formats for Positive Pay
  • various defect corrections


CMS Professional 2014 Service Pack 1 is released:

The service pack contains:

  • latest 2014 Payroll Tax Tables
  • updated 1099 and 1096 forms for tax reporting year 2013
  • required changes to AP and PR electronic file formats for tax reporting year 2013

CMS Professional 2014 has been released!

Version 18 release contains:

  • add multiple customer contacts
  • print gift receipts
  • recalculate inventory files
  • view Pure Product Sales Report
  • Adjustments to Additional Medicare withholding amounts
  • EIC is no longer available
  • several defect corrections


CMS Professional 2013 Service Pack 2 has been released!

The release contains the 941 tax form updates, and several reported defect corrections.


CMS Professional 2013 Service Pack 1 has been released!

This release contains the year-end updates for the 1099 forms and all available payroll tax updates. The states included are: California, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, New York, Rhode Island, and Yonkers New York.

Cougar Mountain Software’s success is built on software solutions that address the needs of small business and non-profit organizations. In fact, our primary goal is meeting our customers’ needs in order for them to maintain high productivity and accuracy and to allow them to use their accounting solution to make better business decisions. We have listened to our customers and they provide the source for the new features in the latest release of CMS Professional 2013.

CMS Professional 2013 Top Ten Features

CMS Professional 2012

This is the new feature set for the CMS Professional 2012 release

  • Paperless posting (all modules)
  • Update ALL MLI Locations (IN)
  • W-2 Preview Report (PR)
  • Stock Weight Fields (IN, OE)
  • Custom Data Query (all modules)
  • Positive pay in AP
  • Printing labels in AP and PO
  • Monitor stock quantity (IN)
  • Employee email address (PR)
  • Customized GL Revenue and Expense Report (fund only)
  • Customized IN Profit Margin Report

Feature Descriptions

  1. Paperless posting (all modules): This feature is setup to print posting reports to a file or if the user elects to post them individually to files.
  2. Positive pay in AP: This feature allows the customer to export a batch of unposted checks in a text file to their specified bank from AP, which in turn provides the bank with advanced notice of the checks coming from that specific account. A set of banks are included and customers can add others for a $100 customization fee per bank.
  3. Update All MLI Locations (IN): This feature streamlines updates made to stock items at multiple locations. When IN Stock Items are edited upon selection of the Save button, the user is prompted to Update All Locations.
  4. W-2 Preview Report (PR): This feature provides the ability to preview employees’ W-2 data before it is handed over to Aatrix for formal processing. If there are errors, the user can correct them before finishing the complete W-2 process.
  5. Stock Weight Fields (IN/OE): This feature provides the ability to enter a weight amount manually for each stock item. Then, the weight will appear on the OE invoice(s) with a final total weight for shipping purposes.
  6. Report Query (all modules): This external feature would provide the ability to extract information from the database based on selected criteria. We would then export the extracted data to a CSV file.
  7. Monitor stock quantity (IN): This feature monitors inventory levels at time intervals or any time stock quantities change. It scans through the inventory data and determines if any stock items have dropped below the minimum quantity entered on the item. The feature generates a report that includes all items that have fallen below the minimum quantity in any location.
  8. Printing labels in AP and PO: These features provide the ability to print labels in AP Enter Bills window and PO Enter POs window based on the IN Stock Labels format and the quantity to print defaults to the quantity in the transaction.
  9. GL Revenue and Expense Report (Fund only): This is a custom report similar to the Revenue and Expense Budget report that quickly shows how much money is left in a particular fund.
  10. IN Profit Margin Report: This feature is a customized IN Profit Margin Report that filters only items with a negative Available Quantity so that only oversold items are included.
  11. Employee email address: This feature adds a field to the PR Employees window in which to enter an email address. The email address also shows on the PR Master Employee Report.

CMS Professional 2010-CMS Professional 2011

CMS Professional 2010 includes features with enhanced filtering, and external reporting abilities that expand a user’s power to retrieve valuable information, such as:

  • Export Reports to a CSV File – Export reports to a .CSV file and view it in Microsoft® Excel, or any spreadsheet that can open a .CSV file. Users can then arrange this data into different formats, such as graphs, for further analysis
  • Use the Contains Filter Option in Look-ups –Filter look up information using the contains option
  • Financial Dashboard


CMS Professional 2011 

  • Introduced the Sales Dashboard
  • Is PCI Compliant
  • The ability to export and print dashboard report data. A user has the option to print or export their data into several different file formats: .pdf, .csv, .xls, .rtf, .tif, .mhtml, or xps.

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