Copying an Organization
You can use the Copy Organization Utility if you want to archive an organization and have full access to it in the future. You will be able to interact with the copied organization the same as the original.
You can also choose to create a backup of your company. A backup only saves your company data; you would need to restore a backup to access it.
To create a copy of an organization:
1 In the Controller module of the organization you want to copy, select Resources and Tools > Copy an Organization from the left navigation pane.
- or -
Select Start > All Programs > Denali by Cougar Mountain > Denali Utilities > Client Utilities or Server Utilities.
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2 If you accessed the window from the Utilities, select the organization you want to copy and log in.
3 In the CMS Copy Organization Utility window, enter the name of the new organization in the New organization name field.
4 If you want to change the organization abbreviation in the New abbreviation field, enter up to six alphanumeric characters.
The organization abbreviation cannot be the same as any other organization abbreviations.
5 Click OK to copy the organization.
Published date: 11/12/2020