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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please install the latest Microsoft Updates before you run the CMS Full Version installations, CMS patches, or CMS Service Packs. You will need to choose the Custom option for the MS updates to get the critical and optional updates. Full Version isntallation are virtual downloadable versions of the installation DVDs. You must use the Full Version installations when you upgrade from an older version to the current version. For example, if you have CMS Professional 2014 installed and you want to upgrade to CMS Professional 2015 SP1, you must use the Full Version installation. You can use the Full Version installation to upgrade an existing version, for example, CMS Professional 2015 to CMS Professional 2015 SP1, but the Full Version installation files are much larger and may take longer to download. We recommend you use the service packs below when you upgrade to a Service Pack release.  \

A Smart Patch provides corrections for both Non-Fund and Fund product (unless otherwise noted) between versions and are usually for one error, maybe several in one given module such as Order Entry or Accounts Receivable, etc. Smart patches are written to only work with a particular version of the code and module and are characterized by their naming convention format  XXUPD###.EXE or XXUP####.EXE, for example, APUPD191.EXE - a smart patch file for Accounts Payable Version 19.1. Smart Patches can include corrections for reports. A Data Conversion may be required and depending on the size of your data may take some time, so plan accordingly.


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