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Denali 5.1 Released! Announcing the release of Denali 5.1 - with more new features!
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Important 2014 PR Tax Information The following questions and answers address some of the primary concerns users have about the 2014 Payroll Tax Update.

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Here is some "how to" information that is sure to save you some time and money. These are what the Technical Support department says are the most often asked questions:

Question 1

How do I void a check in Accounts Payable?

Question 2

How do I void a check in Payroll?

Question 3

How do I void a check in Bank Reconciliation?


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IMPORTANT – For 2014 PR Tax Update information click here.

New Users and those upgrading from pre-2010 SP2: For information on required password changes, click here.

Professional 2011 (and up) Users: When installing the latest dashboards, install one dashboard at a time. After the first dashboard installation completes, wait until the login window appears; then, cancel and continue by installing the next dashboard.

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